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Stand for the Promises

As I spent time with the Lord, He spoke the following word to me for this time – The Roar of the Lion – “Many have been under intense warfare. The roar of the enemy has been loud in the ears of My people. I need My people to know that I am roaring over […]
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The Fire of God

The word of God will go forth like fire – “You will see My word go forth like fire, devouring anything in its path that does not align with My plans and purposes. This is the hour where My people will see My word is like fire and like a hammer. My word burns that […]
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The Year of Great Expectation

I heard the Lord say, “Look with eyes of faith and allow your hope to arise for all I have spoken. This is truly the season for great expectation. Those who have great expectation are those who have great faith. They stand on My word and My report and not the report of the world […]
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Homes of Harvest and Habitation

A few years ago the Lord began to speak to me about ‘Hubs of Harvest and Transformation’ that were arising in the earth. These hubs were places birthed and fuelled by prayer and praise and many were drawn to them as the glory of God was seen in these gatherings. The people were equipped and […]
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A Time to Speak God’s Narrative

The Lord has been repeatedly talking to me about speaking His narrative (His word, His truth, His plans, His destiny, His promises) in this hour and this week I have felt such a caution and invitation from the Lord to His people to ensure they come into agreement with His narrative in this hour. There […]
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