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December – A Time of Detail, Decision and Direction

December is a critical time where the Lord is releasing detailed direction for the coming months. It is a time to be intentional about spending time in His presence to receive revelation on the path ahead and the new doors the Lord is opening and will open in 2022. Strategic decisions will be made by the people of God this month based on the revelation they receive that will correctly position and align them for the year ahead. The enemy will try to bring great distraction and weariness to the people of God to attempt to prevent them from seeking the Lord at this strategic time so it will be important to use discernment and stand in faith on all the Lord has spoken.

 Month of Detail and Direction –

I heard the Lord say, “December will be a month of detail, decision and direction for many. It will be a time where My people begin to receive greater detail on the new paths I am leading them on in 2022. They will receive insight and revelation on the new doors I am opening to them in the new year. As they cross over into 2022, many will also be crossing over into the beginning of the time of new opportunities I will unfold to them. Those who are intentional and purposeful about spending time in My presence this month will have peace on the path ahead as they will receive revelation on the doors that are coming and will be able to rest in My timing. This is the hour to step out of the business of the time, break off distractions and spend time in My word and in My presence. It is from this place that My plans for the coming months will be made known and confirmed.”

“I call December the ‘signpost’ month as many will be given signpost revelation – insight that directs or points them to the way I am leading them and the path I am opening to them in 2022. Many will receive detailed dreams this month that will bring confirmation and clarity to the direction I am giving.”

 Month of Decision –

The Lord then said, “I call this month a time of decision as many will be faced with the decision to stand in faith for all I have spoken and to rest in My timing and My faithfulness to bring it to pass. Some will be faced with the decision to take steps of obedience on My leading to position them for all I will entrust to them in the time ahead. It will be a time to ensure steps are made only on My leading and are not made from a place of striving or stepping in your own strength. Steps made on My leading will bring harvest and advancement, but steps made in your own strength will bring delay and hindrance.”

“The decision or invitation to align with the greater plans and purposes I have for My people will also be before many this month. As many receive detail and direction on the path ahead, decisions to align and partner with this revelation will be before them. Some of these decisions will come with a cost or sacrifice but great spiritual reward and blessing will await those who take these steps.”

 Month to Stand against Distraction –

I then heard the Lord say, “There is weightiness on the revelation that is being released at this time as it very strategic for the positioning I wish to bring to My people. The enemy will try to bring much distraction to prevent My people from seeking Me for the directional keys I wish to release to them. Now is the time to use discernment to see the plans of the enemy and to stand against them.”

 Great Shifts Ahead –

There are great shifts ahead for many and the Lord is positioning His people in this hour. Be expectant for all the Lord will unfold in the time ahead. The Lord is looking for those who are yielded to Him and obedient to His leading. Wait on the timing of God and seek confirmation. It is a time for great faith, both in the steps the Lord leads you to take, and in the time of waiting for all He has spoken to unfold.


May we realise the significance of this month and seek Him for the detail and direction He wants to release. May we stand in faith for all the Lord has spoken and may we take steps of faith and obedience on His leading to be positioned for the new doors, great shifts and all He will unfold.