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Word for the United States of America

One nation under God –


As I sat with the Lord I heard Him say, “USA I am calling you back to being ‘one nation under God’. You are to stand as one, to stand united in your commission to see the nation come back to My truth, ways and leading. I am causing you to have eyes to see the need to stand united and the power of your united stand in intercession. I am removing the barriers that have prevented My people from making an united stand, and a great shift will come to the nation as My people stand united in prayer and intercession to see My will established in the nation.”


“The nation will again be known as ‘one nation under God’, not just in words but in truth, for a great reformation and awakening is coming to the nation. I am going to light the seeds of intercession that have been sown, and will be sown, by My faithful ones and My people will see Me move on their intercession. I have not forgotten the vast spiritual heritage and inheritance of this nation. Now is the time to call forth a harvest on all that has been sown. I am calling the nation back to the biblical foundations on which it was built.”


Allegiance to Christ –


“As My people stand united they will be standing to see My name lifted high in the nation and to see My kingdom advance in the land. I am calling them to pledge allegiance to Me and My ways and to walk in them. There has been a deviation from the truth as mixture and compromise has entered My church but many are arising who are calling My people back to the foundational truth of My word. They are calling My people to stand and be counted, to be a voice for righteousness and justice, to pioneer the path and prepare the way for My Spirit to move. I am calling out the faithful ones and they are trumpeting My message to prepare the way as it is My desire for My bride to be made ready.”


Allegiance to the Call –


“The United States is in a critical hour and now is the time for My people to stand for the destiny of the nation. The enemy will try to bring division and to confuse and deceive My people in the months to come, but now is the time to stand united to see the plans I have for the nation come to pass. I am looking for those who will pledge allegiance to My call to intercession to stand for reformation in the land. Reformation has begun but much greater reformation will be seen in the years to come. I am exposing the darkness and shining the light on that which needs to be brought into alignment. There will be a rewriting of laws of the land and an overturning of laws that are opposed to My word and My ways. I am calling the carriers of justice and those who will stand for righteous justice to arise. I am coming with vengeance to recover what the enemy has perverted and stolen and My justice will be seen in the land.”


Rise of Freedom Fighters –


“The US carries a divine mandate to stand for freedom and justice, to set captives free and be a voice of righteousness. They are to pioneer the way as the nations of the earth are impacted by their action and stand. Many are arising in boldness in the power and leading of My Spirit to be a voice in this hour. They are My freedom fighters who will show people the path of truth while walking in love and the power of My Spirit. They will oppose the structures and agendas of man but will instead raise and advance My agenda. These freedom fighters will see enemy agendas overturned on the back of their stand and they will take much territory for My kingdom.”


Governance in the White House –


“I am calling My people to cover the path to the presidential election in prayer and intercession beginning now. Great will be the spiritual battle leading up to this election but My people will see the one I have chosen re-elected as they partner with Me in intercession. Much will be accomplished in advancing My plans on the earth in the following years through this administration. There is a need to be diligent and intentional in this assignment and to press on with purpose, right up to the day of the election. You have already seen change on the earth through decisions made by this administration but much greater change will be seen in the following term. I am calling the people of the United States to see My hand is on this administration and I am using them to advance My plans and purposes. Don’t look to the man I have chosen but instead trust in Me and look to all I desire to do through him. Realise My thoughts are higher and My ways are higher. The United States has led the world in recognising the importance of Israel and due to their stance more nations will follow in the years to come. I will use this administration to make America great again by having it return to its foundations and the mandate it has been given by Me. The enemy has seen the territory that has been taken for My kingdom through the time of this administration and a battle is ahead to abort My plans for re-election but My people will see the battle is Mine and the victory will be Mine for great are the plans I have prepared for this nation in the years ahead.”


Book of Destiny of the nation –


The Lord then showed me the book of destiny over the United States and I saw that the destiny of the nation of the United States of America intertwined with the unfolding of God’s end time plans on the earth. The US is to play an integral part in the outworking of God’s plans and purposes at this time in history.


I then heard the Lord say, “The coming year is a year of alignment, strategy and momentum. A new chapter has begun in the destiny of the nation and signs of this will continue to unfold in 2020 but the greater plans I have for the nation will unfold in 2020-2024. The coming 12 months are a time of sowing and intentionality in order to reap the greater harvest in the years ahead.”


Governance in God’s House –


“I will move through the White House and also My house. Not only is the coming 12 months the time to stand for the White House, it is also a time for awakening and alignment in My house, My body in the United States. Just as I am positioning and using those in seats of government in the nation so too I am stirring and positioning My people. I am awakening My church to their true commission, their true identity as co-heirs, and their authority in Me. They will awaken to their spiritual governance to stand for the destiny of their region and nation to come to pass. A movement is beginning and will gain momentum in the year ahead. This spiritual ‘grassroots’ movement will be an uprising of My faithful ones who have been separated for this time. They will hear the call and take their place. This movement will swell and gain momentum as these ones arise, their influence increases and they awaken others.”


“Just as the nation stands for truth, justice and freedom, I am raising up those in My body who walk in My love, the power of My Spirit and the truth of My word. They will lead others to the truth and to the life and freedom found in Me. They will impact others with My love and will be vessels through which I move with power as they are submitted to Me and the advancement of My kingdom.”


“A refining is at hand for through refining My people are made ready to be used by Me in a greater way. I am shaking that which can be shaken in order to bring alignment in My house; alignment with My heart, truth and ways. I am calling My people to get ready. I am calling My people to prepare the way. The hour is coming when My greater glory will be seen on the earth.”