I have been feeling such a stirring in the spirit this week. The Lord is stirring His people to take action and embrace the change and the ‘new’ He is bringing. I have also had repeated visions of whirlwinds. I have seen these whirlwinds around individuals and around regions and nations. When I questioned the Lord as to why I was seeing whirlwinds, I heard Him say, “I am uprooting and replanting at this time. I am blowing out things that have held My people back and am blowing in the new I have for them. Welcome the whirlwind as the whirlwind displays My power at work.”


The Merriam-Webster definition of a whirlwind is a very strong wind that moves in a swirling motion. It is also described as something that involves many quickly changing events, feelings etc.


In the visions I saw the people of God intensely praying. They were praying for a mighty move of the Holy Spirit in their region and they were praying for revelation on their part in this move. As they were praying, I saw that the atmosphere was intensifying above them. Their prayers were adding power and momentum to the atmospheric storm building above them. There was an alignment and unity happening among the people of God to usher in this mighty move. The joining of these powerful atmospheric changes caused the whirlwind to begin in their region. The whirlwind was bringing rapid change to the region. The power of the gospel and the power of the Spirit were on display in the whirlwind regions in a new and heightened way. The wind of the Spirit was blowing with increased intensity. The whirlwind was sweeping the lost into the Kingdom of God and bringing in a harvest of souls. The trail of the whirlwind was evident for all to see and the area the whirlwind passed through was impacted by the power of God. The Spirit of God spoke to me and said, “Continue to pray, continue to pray, continue to pray.” The Lord is highlighting the need to continue to pray for our regions and nations. He is calling His people to a greater level of intercession. The spiritual battle is intensifying and our prayers are activating change.


Individually, the people surrounded by a whirlwind were experiencing feelings of restlessness and a stirring to step into more. They knew the Lord was bringing change into their lives and they were seeking the Lord for revelation on all He wanted them to step into. He was bringing new assignments but with these He was also bringing new levels of authority in the Spirit and a new level of equipping. I had a strong sense that the Lord was stripping things off the lives of these people in the whirlwind and preparing to launch them into the new plans and purposes He had for them. The Spirit of God was whispering to people, “Step into the whirlwind, embrace the whirlwind.” I saw that in the centre of the whirlwind there was a calmness. Even though things were swirling around them and there were many fast changing events happening around them, the people were experiencing the peace of the Lord as they were stepping into the centre of the whirlwind. They were operating in perfect alignment with the heart of God. In the centre of the whirlwind there was an upward rise of wind. This represented the upward rise of the people into the purposes God had for them in this new season. He was lifting them to a new level.


I believe the Lord is using whirlwinds to highlight that He is moving and speaking in a powerful way at this time. The whirlwind indicates the power and move of God and is a symbol of heaven touching earth. In Nahum 1:3 we read ‘the Lord has His way in the whirlwind and in the storm’. In Zechariah 9:14 we read ‘the Lord will blow the trumpet and go with whirlwinds’. In 2 Kings 2:11 we read ‘Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven’. In Job 38:1 we read ‘the Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind’. The Lord is inviting His people to unite in prayer to usher in a whirlwind move of His Spirit to see the power of God impact regions. He is also inviting you to welcome and step in to the whirlwind – the removal of things that have held you back and the launching into the ‘new’ the Lord has for you.