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Watch the prophetic words you are partnering with over this nation

I feel a caution from the Lord at this time for His people in Australia to use discernment when determining which prophetic words released concerning this nation are of the Lord for this hour. It is important we partner with the right words of the Lord for our nation at this strategic time.


I heard the Lord say, “Tell My people to watch what words they are fueling.” The nation of Australia is at a strategic time in its history and the Lord is calling His people to pray and intercede for His will for the nation to come to pass. We must have ears to hear and eyes to see which words the Lord would have us partner with. We are to test prophetic words against scripture and what we know is the character and heart of God. 1 Thessalonians 5:21 tells us to test all prophesies and hold on to what is good. Corinthians 14:3 tells us prophecy strengthens, encourages and comforts. In Corinthians 14:29 we read two or three prophets should speak and the others should weigh carefully what is said. The Lord is calling His people to greater intimacy and greater maturity so we will have discernment to know what words are from the Lord for this hour. Our prayers and words are powerful and we are called to partner with God to bring His will to pass in this nation. The enemy uses distraction, fear and discouragement to cause God’s people to shift the focus of their prayers or prevent them from taking up God’s call to pray. God is calling His people to pray fervently in faith and with authority but we must pray strategically and in line with the word of the Lord for this hour in order to bring transformation and to see God’s plan come to pass.


The Lord showed me the battle in the heavens over Australia at this time. I saw the angelic army growing in number as people of God decreed and declared God’s word over the nation. Angels were being released to bring about God’s will as the people of God were praying and aligning with the right prophetic words spoken over this nation and specific revelation they had received in times spent seeking God’s heart and strategy for the nation. We are in a time where the Lord is releasing great revelation to His people so we can partner with God to see His will established and the plans of the enemy aborted. God’s plan for this nation will prevail as His people stand in the gap and intercede for His will to be established. The Holy Spirit brought Jeremiah 33:3 to my mind and I believe God is saying He will show us His great plans for this nation as we press in and ask Him. Jeremiah 33:3 (NASB) – Call to me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.


The Lord gave me additional revelation with regard to some key words for the nation He has given me in the last year. He gave me extra details on previous words and showed why He is highlighting these words again at this time to bring focus on God’s plan for Australia and our role in partnering with Him.


Word relating to God’s plan for the nation –


In July this year while on an intercession assignment around Australia the angel of Australia appeared to me and gave me a piece of paper that had been folded many times so it would fit in the palm of my hand. As I took the piece of paper it suddenly unfolded and became a huge page of paper. The angel also gave me a microchip which he placed in my hand. I asked the Lord why the angel was sent to me and He said the angel was to show me the next page in the book of Australia; he was to show me God’s plan for the nation. The Lord showed me a vision of a canopy over the nation of Australia. The canopy was holding a thick golden substance which I knew was the glory of God. I asked the Lord what will release the canopy over the nation and He showed me seeds in the ground. These seeds were prophetic words that had been released concerning His plans for the nation. I noticed some seeds were on top of the ground and no one had ever nurtured them. Some others had been planted but again they had not been adequately nurtured. I then saw people begin to nurture the seeds and water them. The Lord showed me other people who re-dug the seeds that had laid dormant. The seeds began to sprout and grow. The Lord was highlighting previous words for the nation and people began nurturing these by interceding for them and standing in faith to see them come to pass. I then saw the sun intensely shining on these plants that were growing and the plants were growing rapidly. These plants were growing all over the nation and they began to touch the canopy of glory that was over the nation. The people were crying out to God to transform the nation and heal their land. I then looked to the corners of the canopy and I saw an angel was holding a cord on each corner of the canopy. On each corner there was a watch. At the appointed time, when the plants hit the canopy, the angels released the cords that were holding back the golden substance. At that moment the glory of God was released in a burst across the nation. It was like glory rain but was thick as it was the weighty presence of God. I felt Australia is at a ‘tipping point’ in the spirit and God is calling intercessors to partner with the prophetic in a powerful way to bring transformation. He is calling intercessors to take up the prophetic words and intercede to see God’s plan for this nation manifested. I also saw fire down the eastern seaboard of Australia and water over the western side to heal the land. The Lord told me that just as Australia is known as the ‘sunburnt land’ it will be known as the ‘glory branded land’ as the glory of God will leave a lasting mark on this nation.


The Lord gave me a vision in the last few days that linked to this previous word I received. I saw weeds growing alongside the plants in the vision that were growing and hitting the canopy of His glory. He was showing me that as His people partner with words that are not of Him or words that don’t have full revelation, these weed plants are growing instead of those that are needed. The Lord is calling people to partner with His words that bring transformation to the land.


Word regarding intercessors taking their place –


Earlier this year the Lord gave me a vision of intercessors being ignited and awakened to stand in the gap and intercede for the nation of Australia. The Lord Himself was calling them out and placing a burden for the nation in them. As the people of the nation began to pray and intercede they were fitted with golden armour which I knew represented the glory of God. They displayed the glory and power of God. These people were warriors in the army of God who were taking up their position to take down strongholds over the nation and to advance the kingdom of God by ushering in a move of His Spirit in this nation. I saw rows and rows of these warriors take their position. I then saw the warriors link arms with each other and I knew they were standing in unity – with the same vision and mandate before them. Jesus then appeared before their ranks as the lion of the tribe of Judah. He was leading the army and the army had steadfast focus on Him. As the army marched forward and advanced, the ground began to rumble and shake. Vibrations from the shaking were sweeping over the land. The vision then changed focus and the Lord showed me that the intercessory prayers of the people as well as their heartfelt praise were hitting the heavens and a sound was released across the nation. I then saw fire from heaven falling on the nation. The Lord showed me a map of the nation and the fire of God was falling on the land. The Lord is raising up warriors in the nation who know their authority in Him and who will bring down strongholds. They are united in the same mandate from heaven to partner with God to see a move of the Spirit in this nation and to see the fire of God fall.


The Lord reminded me of this vision this week and His heart to see His people take up the call to pray and intercede for this land to bring down strongholds, release God’s plan and bring transformation.


Word regarding bridge of alignment of destiny –


In worship I had a vision of a bridge that was so strong in structure and it was labelled with the word ‘ALIGNMENT’. The bridge stretched from the nation of Australia across a vast, beautiful expanse of water and finished on another area of land labelled ‘DESTINY’. The bridge started on land where a vast group of people were standing and I noticed each person in the group had the word ‘KINGDOM’ written on their hearts. The Lord was showing me that the multitudes of people standing on the land of Australia were standing in unity and partnering with the Lord to see His Kingdom come on earth and aligning with His Kingdom principles. I saw the multitudes of people walk up onto, and stand, on the alignment bridge. This was causing Australia to align with its God given destiny. The people had a deep desire for the things of the Kingdom of God and the Lord had written His plans and purposes on their hearts and minds. I also saw fireworks going off from the bridge and I saw angels being released to fulfill the Kingdom assignments they had been given. Some of these assignments were in response to the prophetic decrees the people of God made, in line with the Word of God. The Spirit of God showed me the fireworks represented the ‘sparks’ of a move of the Spirit that would travel across the nation of Australia and beyond to other nations. As God’s Kingdom realm manifests on earth, His purposes are fulfilled on the earth.


The Lord is reminding His people in Australia that as we as children of God stand together in alignment with His plans and purposes we will see our destiny as a nation come to pass. In the last few days the Lord showed me a vision that linked to this previous vision of the bridge. This time I saw that same bridge of alignment leading to the land of destiny but it was a rainbow bridge. I felt the Lord calling His people to remember the promises He has spoken over this nation and to wage war with the promises. The Lord is looking for us to come into alignment with His word and the words He has given for the nation. Those that will have faith to believe God will bring His will and promises to pass will partner with God to see transformation in this nation.


What is our role?


The Lord is releasing a caution to not agree or fuel words that are not of Him or words that don’t have full revelation, but to be discerning and partner with the word of the Lord for our nation at this time. Ask Him for specific revelation and then decree and declare the word of the Lord. He is calling us to intercede for His will to be established in the nation and intercede for the right prophetic words released over this nation to come to pass. The enemy is attempting to bring distraction, fear and discouragement but the Lord wants to remind His people of His plans for our nation and He is calling you to arise and take your place as an agent of transformation.