I heard the Lord say, “I am releasing my game changers! Watch for things about you to change! I am giving people divine strategies in this hour to bring dramatic change and impact.” I had visions of people who were given ideas from heaven on ways to drastically change their area of influence.


In the first vision I saw a person walking along on a road and the landscape around them was barren looking. All of a sudden they were handed a box with the words ‘game changer’ on the label. As the person opened and received what was in the box, the scene about them dramatically changed. The area around them became fertile and alive with life, movement and sound. They were given ‘game changing’ ideas that transformed their surrounding and situation.


In another vision I saw a person walk into a room full of people. This person had a name badge that read ‘game changer’. This person was sharing their God given ideas and revelation with others. I had a sense that the environment around the people listening had become stagnant and stifled. As these people heard the ideas they were excited and filled with expectation as they knew the ideas would cause sudden and significant change. These people were rushing out to implement the ideas. They were changing their world and taking others with them in the change.


The definition of game changer in the dictionary is a newly introduced element that changes an existing situation in a significant way. It is also defined as a person that dramatically changes the course, strategy or outcome of something.


Often a game changer may be surprised at how the Lord used them. They simply act in obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit and later see the implication and impact of that obedience. Game changers have heavenly perspective and help others see beyond what they think is possible. They have faith in God and are therefore able to trust Him and His leading and step out in confidence. They live fully for God and their hope is in Him. They have boldness as they are confident in their relationship with the Lord. They are also pioneers and they pave the way for others.


In the word of God there are many times where people of faith acted on the leading of the Holy Spirit and impacted their world. They were given revelation from the Lord and they acted on that revelation which drastically changed their situation and surroundings. One example is in Acts 10 where Peter went into a trance and the Lord showed him through a vision that the gospel was to be taken to the Gentiles. Following this encounter Peter acted in obedience and went to Cornelius’ house and he had only just begun sharing the gospel when the Holy Spirit fell on all present. This was the first time the Holy Spirit had been given to non-Jewish believers in Jesus the messiah. Peter had a ‘game changing’ revelation that the gospel was for the Gentiles as well as the Jews. Peter was also a ‘game changer’ as he shared his revelation with others and he led others to also preach the gospel to all those they met.


The Lord is bringing game changing ideas and strategies to you that will drastically alter your situation and will impact your area of influence. He is also bringing game changers onto the scene who are pioneering new paths for many to step into.