Today when I was seeking the Lord in prayer He said to me, “The stage is set!” I then received a vision of a huge theatre house and stage. Jesus as the play Director was standing at the front of the stage holding a clipboard with a big list of roles available in the play. He was asking who wanted to partner with Him in bringing this play to life. I had a sense the opening night of the play was very soon. There was much excitement and expectation for the upcoming event. Anyone who wanted to take part in the play performance was given a role. Those wanting a role were leaving their things in the aisle and walking to the front to take a part. I noticed there were pages and pages of different parts available. Everyone willing to be part of the play was eagerly given a role and welcomed. There was a feeling of unity and love between the people in the group. They were all very aware that each role was important and needed. I noticed no one was given a ‘script’ to learn for their role. I asked Jesus why this was and He said, “Each performance day will be different so no script is needed; the people in my play will be led by My Spirit.” I had a sense that this event was going to continue for a long time and was not a once off production. I then heard a rumbling sound and the sound grew louder and louder in the playhouse. The very floor of the theatre moved with the sound and the sound was intensifying to the point I could see the chairs and walls also vibrating with the sound. The Lord told me this was the sound of the prayers and praise of the people of God who were ushering in the event. The scene then changed and I saw the production come to life. I noticed it was not a normal play because the people were not on the stage, they were out in the audience with the people. They were glowing with the fire of God and were sharing their fire with others so fires were sweeping through the audience.


I believe the Lord is saying that the stage is set for a showcase of the Spirit. This showcase is the Lord’s event and He has set things in place. He is inviting each of us to partner with Him in seeing His production come to life. Anyone willing to humble themselves, be led by the Holy Spirit and be obedient to His leading will be part of this move. (1 Peter 5:5… Clothe yourselves, all of you, with humility toward one another for God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble). We need to seek and hunger for more of Christ and the things above. Our prayers are needed in preparation for this move of the Spirit. We are all needed for such a time as this. Ask the Lord how He wants you to partner with Him in this move and see the glory of the Lord touch others. Don’t feel you have nothing to give, as the Lord wants you to partner with Him and will provide you with all you need to complete the role He gives. (Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things through him who strengthens me).