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The Rise of the ANZACS for Kingdom Impact

Australia and New Zealand are close to each other in location but the countries also have a close history, particularly through their ‘ANZAC’ connection. The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) were troops from Australia and New Zealand that came together to fight as one and this group was first formed in World War 1. Recently when I was in prayer the Lord began to speak to me and show me the connection in the Spirit between Australia and New Zealand, their spiritual heritage as well what call He has placed on these two countries.


Spiritual Bridge

Firstly the Lord gave me a vision of a huge bridge connecting the countries of Australia and New Zealand. I was looking down over a map of the countries and I saw this bridge stretching out across the ocean, connecting the two countries. The Lord told me to look closer at the bridge and I noticed it was made of iron. I knew the Lord was telling me that the connection between the two countries is a very strong connection spiritually. I also saw that the bridge was being strengthened and reinforced and was becoming even stronger than it was before and I knew the Lord was the one who was strengthening the bridge. I then saw people from both countries standing side by side on the bridge. I was taken by how close they were standing as each person was shoulder to shoulder with the next person. I also saw the people link hands as they were standing on the bridge and I knew the Lord was showing me that their great unity was a key factor in the spiritual connection between the two nations. The Lord spoke to me and said, “Just as Australians and New Zealanders have stood side by side under the Anzac banner in times of battle in the past so now My people from these nations are standing side by side in the Spirit to usher in My plans and purposes.”


I then saw a huge angel standing on top of the bridge, in the middle of the bridge. The angel was overseeing the assignment that had been given by God to these Anzac’s, the believers in these two nations. I was so taken by the size of the angel. I had a sense that the God-given assignment of these two countries was a very large one and would have great impact. As I was looking at the angel, I then saw a huge wave forming under the bridge. The wave reached a massive height and then rolled out from the bridge out into the ocean. More huge waves rolled out behind the first one. I had a sense that the waves would travel a great distance and impact many lands. The countries won’t be in competition of each other but will instead complete each other as both are needed to complete the God given task. The assignment these countries will steward will have global impact.


Spiritual Wells

Secondly the Lord gave me a vision of deep wells in the centre of each country. Out of the wells flowed rivers of water and the waters flowed across both lands and over the bridge I saw in the first vision. I also saw that there were other wells that released oil – the oil of joy. The Lord was showing me that He is releasing oil of joy over these lands. The oil of joy would be needed to sustain the people and give them strength as they carry out their God given assignment. I then heard the Spirit of God say, “Anzacs are re-digging their ancient wells.” I was prompted to look at Genesis chapter 26 where we read of Isaac re-digging the wells his father Abraham had dug. I felt the Lord was saying that His people in Australia and New Zealand are re-digging the wells of their heritage and inheritance. If we see water as a type of the Holy Spirit’s ministry, we can see Isaac’s progression from one well to another as a rediscovering of his spiritual heritage. The fourth well Isaac digs is at Beersheba. The night Isaac arrived at Beersheba the Lord appeared to him and reaffirmed the promise of many descendants that He had given to Abraham. Isaac responded by building an altar to the Lord and worshipping Him. Abimelech and Isaac made a covenant together there, a kind of alliance. On the same day Isaac’s servants struck water in the well. Isaac named the well ‘shibah’ which literally means ‘seven’. Beersheba comes from two words, one means ‘well’ and the other is translated ‘oath’ but it actually means ‘seven’. In scripture seven is the number of spiritual completeness or divine perfection.


When I read that the fourth well Isaac dug was at Beersheba, I was taken aback as I realised the significance of the town of Beersheba to the history of the Anzacs. I felt the Lord was showing me the link between the vision of re-digging ancient wells and the history of the Anzacs in standing with Israel. In 1917 in World War 1, Allied troops were advancing on Beersheba, which was under Turkish occupancy. Beersheba is the gateway into Israel. The Anzacs volunteered to advance on Beersheba and they were the ones to liberate Beersheba which ultimately led to the liberation of Israel from Islamic control. The Anzacs had fought together to free Israel. I believe the Lord is saying that Australia and New Zealand built a spiritual heritage by standing with Israel in WW1 under the Anzac banner. I believe the Lord is inviting Australian and New Zealand believers to re-dig their ancient spiritual wells by standing in unity once more to support Israel. The Lord is showing us that Australia and New Zealand have a spiritual alliance. At Beersheba, just as the Lord reaffirmed to Isaac the promise He had made to his father I believe the Lord is reaffirming to Australia and New Zealand that if they re-dig their wells and stand with Israel they will be blessed by God, as is His promise. (Numbers 24:9, Genesis 12:3 – Whoever blesses Israel will be blessed).


The Lord’s assignment for Australia and New Zealand is to closely unite (stand side by side in the spirit) and usher in His plans. The oil of joy will be strength of believers and it will be important for the people of God to stand in unity as they stand together to see His purposes fulfilled. From the connection between these two countries and the assignment they share, there will be an awakening that affects nations. Australia and New Zealand are re-digging their spiritual heritage and will be used to awaken the world to the importance of standing with Israel. May the ‘Anzacs’ take up their God given assignment with fervency and have Kingdom impact.