When I was praying today I had a vision of people with their arms outstretched. They seemed tired, weary and weighed down but their arms were stretched upward, trusting in the Lord and His goodness. They were looking up at the sky waiting for the refreshing and breakthrough rain to fall and were feeling like the rain may never come. I sensed that some of them had been waiting a long time. Suddenly droplets of rain began to fall. As the droplets fell on the people, the rain was energising and refreshing them. The expression on the people’s faces was turning from one of heaviness to a look of lightness and joy. I then noticed that the people had been standing in mud and this mud that was weighing them down was now washing away as the rain fell. The mud was past disappointments and hurts and circumstances surrounding them that were confining them. The rain started as sprinkles but grew heavier and heavier until a downpour was washing over the people. The rain was bringing such a deep refreshing, not only to the outside of the person, but also to the inner person. I also saw that as the people with outstretched arms tasted the rain as it ran over their face, they were surprised by the fact the rain tasted as sweet as honey.


I believe the Lord’s refreshing rains are coming. The Lord showed me that many people have felt weighed down, weary and tired but the Lord is coming to refresh people and give them hope and joy. Those that have felt they have been waiting so long to see breakthrough and to step into the promises God had given them were being refreshed as they trusted in the Lord and in His perfect timing. This refreshing was not only bringing inner healing to their hurts and disappointments and changing their circumstances but was also energising them, in order for them to be ready to step in to the plans and purposes God had in store for them. The words and promises God had given them were coming to life and were part of the refreshing rain and these words were as sweet as honey (psalm 119:103).


Be encouraged – refreshing rains are coming!