Yesterday the Lord gave me a vision of a believer of God in a tunnel. I saw the believer at various stages in the tunnel. At the beginning of the tunnel the person was carrying a number of sacks over their shoulder and they looked weary and hunched over. The sacks had words such as fear, religion, shame and discouragement written on them. As they moved forward in the tunnel I noticed golden rain was falling on them and they were being refreshed. One of the sacks on their shoulder dropped off them and they began to stand a little straighter and taller. The further along they moved in the tunnel, the more rain fell on them, the more sacks were dropped from their back and the taller they stood. When they reached the end of the tunnel, they were standing perfectly straight and all the sacks had been left behind in the tunnel. Their face was full of joy, peace and love at the end of the tunnel. I then saw the person step out of the tunnel into the light. As they stepped out, the sunlight hit them and a rainbow reflected from them. I then saw the child of God take steps forward and I noticed that the steps they were taking were into golden impressions already left in the ground for them to step into. As they moved forward, they began to pick up their pace. Their walking turned to jogging and then running and still each step was a golden step.


The Lord spoke to me through this vision. I believe the tunnel the person was moving through was the process needed in order for them to be released into the promise God had for them. As heavenly revelation (golden rain) fell on them their minds were being renewed and incorrect theology and things hindering them were falling away. The more they turned to things above, submitted to the refining process, and realised their identity, position and freedom in Christ the more refreshed they became and the taller they stood. As they exited the transition, process stage and entered into the fullness of the plans and purposes God had for them they reflected the full spectrum of light (a rainbow); they reflected Jesus. I believe the Lord is saying there are people who have been through a process of refinement (Psalm 66:10) and revelation and now they are being released into the plans and purposes God has prepared for them. They are going to move forward at an accelerated rate as they step into the leading of the Holy Spirit.


Allow the Lord to renew and transform you (2 Corinthians 3:18, Romans 12:2). Trust in Him and the work He is doing in you as He loves you and is preparing you. Trust in His timing and watch as He makes the paths straight before you (Proverbs 3:5). The Lord wants you to reflect His glory and light to the world! (Isaiah 60:1)