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On assignment with Jesus – unlocking God’s plan for the nation of New Zealand

Just like Australia, I believe New Zealand is also at a ‘tipping point’ in the spirit and the Lord is aligning and unlocking this nation to bring about His plans. God wants New Zealand to align with Israel and for an outpouring of His glory and a great move of God to sweep the nation. He wants His people to intercede for the prophetic words that have been released over the nation and partner with Him to see them come to pass. This is a significant time in the history of the nation of New Zealand.


The Lord gave me an intercession assignment that involved three components. The first was intercession around the nation of Australia, the second was intercession for the nation of New Zealand and the third arm of the assignment is to take place in Israel. I completed the Australian assignment and my husband Aaron and our eldest daughter Siana completed the New Zealand assignment. Aaron was born in New Zealand and the Lord showed me that he was the one to complete the New Zealand assignment. The Lord showed me that just as Aaron and I are one in the spirit so too Australia and New Zealand are connected in the spirit. Having me complete the Australian leg of the assignment and Aaron complete the New Zealand leg was another prophetic sign of the link between the nations.


The Lord wanted Siana to go as well as she has a prophetic gift and I was shown she was going to develop in her gifting and gain greater understanding of her authority in Christ. Also Siana’s name has a Hebrew origin and means ‘God is gracious’ and I felt the Lord was showing me that His grace will abound in New Zealand. I also felt Siana’s involvement was a sign of the fact God is raising up children in a mighty way in this hour. Children will be used powerfully as they walk in humility, have great faith and purity of heart. The Spirit will move through them and they will bring glory to the Lord. God is raising children up for such a time as this to impact their world for His glory. They will be agents of change and reformation.


The assignment –


The assignment the Lord revealed to me was to intercede for the nations of Australia and New Zealand, unlock God’s plan, bring divine alignment, bring down strongholds and light the fire in these nations. In Australia I visited 7 cities around the nation in 7 days. In New Zealand Aaron and Siana visited 3 cities in 3 days, making a total of 10 cities across the two countries. Just as I had done in Australia, Aaron performed a prophetic act in each location of placing the Australian, New Zealand and Israeli flags in the ground at each location. This act was to signify the alignment of Australia and New Zealand with Israel. The Lord sees Australia and New Zealand as linked in the spirit due to our ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) heritage. Aaron was also to perform a prophetic act of digging in the dirt to re-dig the wells of our spiritual heritage in aligning with Israel. The year 2017 is the 100th anniversary of the battle at Beersheba in World War 1. The ANZACs volunteered to advance on Beersheba, which was occupied by the Turks, and they were the ones to liberate Beersheba which opened the door into Israel and ultimately led to the liberation of Jerusalem from hundreds of years of Islamic control. As the spiritual wells are re-dug and the nations align with Israel, they will be blessed by God, as is His promise (Numbers 24:9, Genesis 12:3 – Whoever blesses Israel will be blessed).


The flags will then be taken to Israel and on 31st of October on the anniversary of the battle of Beersheba, will be placed in the ground in Beersheba to complete the prophetic act of alignment of the nations.


At each location in New Zealand Aaron declared the region for Jesus. He repented for the iniquities of the nation and prayed for an open heaven over the nation. Aaron prayed for healing over the land and a move of God to impact the region. Aaron prayed for alignment with kingdom ways. He took authority against schemes of the enemy that had risen in each region. He also prayed for strongholds to be brought down. He released angels on assignment to bring God’s plan to pass for the region. Aaron unlocked the region in the spirit and prayed the region would be ignited with the fire of God.


Heavenly assistance –


On my assignment around Australia I had two lions travelling with me and Aaron and Siana had two eagles travel with them on assignment. These were heavenly creatures assigned to us for the assignment.


Words for regions –


Auckland: The Lord showed me a vision of Aaron and Siana walking through mud which was like thick slime of the enemy. I also saw a cloud of darkness over the region. I felt the Lord was showing me the enemy had a stronghold over the region. I then had a vision of Aaron and Siana leading an army of angels. They had formed a ‘v’ formation with Aaron and Siana at the point of the ‘v’ and a row of angels fanning out on each side. I felt there was power in the formation and I felt it was a battle formation and they were positioned to take territory from the enemy and advance the kingdom of God. In the vision the Lord gave me I saw it was an air assault; they were attacking from above as they had heavenly perspective. I saw they were shooting fiery arrows from the sky to the ground. The ground was igniting and the fire was spreading from the point of contact of the arrows. The vision then changed and I saw them directing a ground attack. The battle had changed to a ground assault. I saw Aaron and Siana were placing land mines in the ground and a shaking was released across the region. The shaking spread out across the north island of New Zealand. I believe a shaking is coming to the region and things not of God will be displaced and will make way for a move of His Spirit. I then saw Auckland ‘light up’ with light and power. I knew the Lord was showing me that Auckland would be a light to the region and God’s power would be displayed there. I saw cracks in the ground appear, starting in Auckland and spreading out across the north island. I believe the north island has been a place of ‘hard ground’ but God is going to break open the dry ground.


The Lord also showed me dark spots over the north island and these spots had a poisonous substance seeping from them. These were areas where there were deeply entrenched Maori spiritual strongholds. There were demons guarding these sites. Aaron and Siana broke off territorial spirits and their hold over the land and spoke healing and blessing over the land. They declared God as the true owner of the land and the nation of New Zealand.


Wellington: Aaron and Siana were in Wellington on the 1st of August and I felt that was significant. Eight is the number of new beginnings and when they were there they decreed a ‘new beginning’ over the nation. They spent time praying at the New Zealand parliament and also at the Anzac war memorial and then at the harbor over the water. As they did they had a vision of Jesus on the throne with four eagles surrounding the throne. It was a powerful time. In the natural there was also a shaking in the parliament as the leader of the centre-left opposition (Labour) party suddenly resigned on this day. We believe this was a sign that God is beginning to impact the political establishment to effect change that is in accord with His will.


The Lord gave me a vision of a whirlwind around Wellington which was a symbol of heaven impacting earth and God moving in a powerful way. There was an intensification and a building in the spirit. The wind of the Spirit was blowing with increased intensity. I saw in the vision that things not of God were being dislodged and uprooted and things of God were being raised up in the whirlwind. The Lord showed me people were praying for a move of God in the nation and for transformation of the nation. The prayers of people were adding momentum to the whirlwind. I felt the Lord was showing me that He is calling His people to a greater level of intercession and He is calling them to partner with Him to see a move of His Spirit sweep the nation and bring transformation. I heard the Lord say, “A lot of seed has been sown in Wellington. A harvest for the sown seed is coming. Call forth the harvest.” I also had a vision of rain over Wellington which brought healing to the land. The Lord showed me a fierce battle in the heavens over Wellington. This battle was particularly over the government. The Lord is calling intercessors to pray for the government and for an alignment with kingdom ways.


Christchurch: I had a vision of an open door in the spirit over Christchurch. I heard a sound released from heaven through the open door. The door was a portal to release the purposes of heaven on earth. The sound was a new sound and signaled the ‘new’ the Lord is bringing. It was as if the sound was announcing the new season and a new move of God. I then had a vision of a rush of water, a huge deluge of water, flowing down a mountain and washing over the land. I then saw the cloud of New Zealand change from a cloud of deception to a cloud of God’s glory, covering and protection. I also saw a key being buried in the ground in Christchurch and I believe Christchurch is a strategic place for the unlocking of God’s plan for the nation. Aaron did a prophetic act of burying a key in the ground at this site. The Lord also showed me a vision of the north and south islands of New Zealand being stitched together with golden thread and I felt He was showing me that the divide is being broken and people are coming together in unity across the nation of New Zealand to unite in prayer for God’s purposes to be fulfilled in the nation.


Bridge between Australia and New Zealand –


Both Aaron and I felt we were to take the flags to Brisbane in Australia on their return from New Zealand. Brisbane is the location where I started my assignment. We were lead to go to Anzac square in Brisbane. I hadn’t been there on my assignment around Australia. When we arrived at the square I saw the two lions and the two eagles were there so I knew it was a significant time. They were at the shine of remembrance in Anzac square where a flame burns 24 hours a day. The lions were roaring and the eagles were screeching. In a vision I saw a row of fire coming out of the centre of the shrine of remembrance. I saw a door open in the spirit and through the door I could see a bridge and I knew the bridge was connecting Australia and New Zealand. This bridge in the spirit was very significant and was the reason the lions and eagles were there. From the connection between these two countries and the assignment they share, there will be an awakening that affects nations. Australia and New Zealand are re-digging their spiritual heritage and will be used to awaken the world to the importance of standing with Israel. The countries won’t be in competition with each other as both are needed to complete the God given task. The assignment these countries will steward will have global impact.


Summary –


I believe the Lord had us complete this assignment as it is His desire for Australia and New Zealand to re-dig their spiritual heritage and align with Israel. This year is a strategic year in the spirit for these nations. The Lord is raising up warriors in the nations who know their authority in Him and who will bring down strongholds. They are united in the same mandate from heaven to partner with God to see a move of the Spirit in the nation and to see the fire of God fall. God is uniting His prophets and intercessors in a powerful way to bring His plans to pass, advance His kingdom and bring down strongholds of the enemy. God is calling people to nurture the prophetic words that have been released for the nation of New Zealand and intercede for them to come to pass. The decrees and prayers of His people will bring transformation. A great move of God is coming to New Zealand and when it does His glory will be seen and healing will come to the nation. It has already begun!