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New Partnerships of Promise and Purpose in August

I heard the Lord say, “New partnerships of promise and purpose” would be a key component of the month of August. I felt many people would see strategic partnerships and alignments forming this month and from these partnerships there would be an advancement and unfolding of God’s promises and purposes. I felt these partnerships would fall into place and people would be surprised by the way the Lord connected them to others. I saw these partnerships were ministry alignments as well as partnerships in business and general life. The Lord was aligning people and ministries for a greater purpose and these alignments would have vast Kingdom impact. These partnerships had their focus on Jesus and had humble and servant hearts. The Lord was aligning people and groups that held the same vision, desire and God given assignment. Partnerships in general life were ones that provided support, guidance, encouragement and discipleship for people to advance in their destiny. I had a vision of a golden handshake between two people and I heard the Lord say, “I am aligning people at this time and forming strong partnerships that have been sealed by me. These partnerships will usher in My purposes and promises.” In these partnerships I saw that the people were joining in a unified and non-competitive way. They were uniting under one banner and one purpose to see God’s plans come to pass. I knew the partnerships that formed in August would escalate and develop in the future and alignments seen this month were just the beginning of all the Lord was doing in forming networks of partnerships that would see an escalation and acceleration of His promises and purposes.


In the bible there are many references to partnerships that were used to advance the purposes of God. If we look at the apostle Paul, he had many ministry partners including Barnabas, Silas, Timothy, Titus, and Prisca and Aquila to name a few. They were servants of Christ, ministry partners and co-workers in advancing the Kingdom of God. Paul tells the Corinthians that Titus is his ‘partner and co-worker in ministry’ (2 Corinthians 8:23). In Romans 16:21 Paul calls Timothy his ‘ministry partner’. Paul refers to Priscilla and Aquila as ‘partners in ministry serving the Anointed One, Jesus’ (Romans 16:3). The Lord brought people together with the apostle Paul to advance His purposes and plans. Rich partnerships arose out of deep relationships built in love based on shared mutual goals and much time spent together.


The Lord is bringing together new alignments and partnerships to individuals, businesses and ministries that will escalate in the future and will usher in His promises and purposes and have great impact for the Kingdom of God.