When I woke up I heard the Lord say, “My glory train is coming.” I then had a vision of a powerful train, with tremendous speed. It was lighting up the surrounding area as it travelled. It was sweeping over region after region and whole regions were being lit up. I then saw the train was approaching a train station where there were many people waiting. The train pulled up to the station and the driver got out and stood at door to the train. People began to board the train. They had no luggage, they just boarded the train. I noticed each time someone boarded they placed their ticket in the hand of the driver and the driver smiled and placed his hand over theirs affectionately and they then boarded. As I looked closer at the ticket I saw the word ‘life’ written on it in golden letters. People of all different ages were boarding the train – from elderly all the way through to children of a young age and each person was handing over a ticket. The train seemed to be collecting a lot of people at the station and many were boarding but I then realised it was getting ready to go to the next station. I noticed some people were still on the platform. They were frazzled as they had a lot of luggage and were trying to work out how they were going to carry all their bags on to the train. The train pulled away before they boarded.


I felt the Lord was saying the world was going to see a great move of His Spirit and many would be impacted by His glory. People who are willing to give up their lives are going to be carriers of His glory and are going to be part of this move. They will bring others into the kingdom of God as they let the light of Christ shine through them. They are the ones willing to go where the Lord leads, and the ones who humble themselves, earnestly seek Him and have an intimate relationship with Him. All ages of people will be part of the move, including children. Those who have their own ideas (and baggage) about what is required in this move of the Spirit will miss what the Lord is doing.


Let’s position and prepare ourselves for the glory train!!