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Intercessors & Prophets will Unite in Power

As I sat with the Lord and enquired of His heart I heard Him say, “I am activating the intercessors. Their prayers will shake the heavens and cause a shaking on the earth. Angels are standing by to be released on assignment to bring their prayers to pass as they pray in line with My word. I will place assignments in the hearts of my intercessors and they will pray these into being. They will pray with a new level of intensity and a new level of authority in the spirit. Where they have felt a weariness in the past I am releasing an outpouring of joy and a refreshing that will come upon them like they have not felt before. This will give them strength to stand in the battle. I am bringing intercessors together in a new way so they will feel supported as they carry the burdens I lay on their hearts. Their role is critical in ushering in My plans. They will thwart the schemes of the enemy that attempt to rise up against My plans. Intercessors will walk in a new level of spiritual discernment and authority. As they are obedient to My call, they will be agents of change and awakening. Intercessors are key holders as they unlock the spirit realm and cause an unlocking in the natural realm. I am calling My intercessors into a deeper level of intercession and I am raising up many more intercessors to stand alongside them as this is a critical time in history. I am opening up means and channels for My intercessors to hear My words and plans more quickly. A more extensive communication network is coming that will release prophetic words to the intercessors who will pray the words into fulfillment. My intercessors are an arm of My army that is often ‘hidden’ but they are like My secret agents; they operate out of the spotlight but are powerful in completing their tasks and assignments and powerful in taking down the enemy. Many intercessors will receive sudden assignments they know they are to pray through.


I am bringing the prophets and intercessors together in a closer way. Intercessors will hear My heart and plans through My prophets and together they will take up the fight in the spirit to see it come to pass. The prophetic decrees of My prophets will carry much power and authority as My word is spoken forth. My prophets will receive downloads of specific assignments and plans with great detail. I will ask My prophets to do prophetic acts and as they do these in faith and obedience, they will open and activate things in the spirit. I am bringing increased sight to My prophets. They will see My plans with great clarity and will release My words with accuracy. I am increasing their spiritual senses and spiritual discernment. Those who operate in love will be advanced and will share My heart with others in a heightened way. Many will also have a greater understanding of what it means to co-labor and co-minister with the angels to bring in the harvest and win territory for My kingdom.


The battle is intensifying but the battle is Mine. My army will be victorious and will take much territory. My kingdom will advance in ways not seen before as all the battalions of My army stand together. World events and nations will be influenced and changed on the prayers of My people as they usher in My plans and purposes and bring down strongholds of the enemy.


Reward is coming to those who have persevered and stood in faith. Continue to press in and seek My presence. Pray without ceasing. Operate from the position of authority I have given you. Watch what I will accomplish through those who burn for Me and live to see My kingdom advance!”


The Lord then gave me a vision and I saw flaming arrows being released from the prophets across regions. These arrows were moving with such accuracy, power and speed. They were being released in the multitudes. They represented the word and plans of God. I then saw intercessors as warriors dressed in armour. Their armour had an ‘activation’ button on their chest. As the arrow hit their region, their button ‘lit up’ and I knew they were going into battle to intercede for the word that had been released. As they went into battle I then saw regions across the earth start to rumble. A sound was released and I saw lightning bolts fill the sky and electricity hit the earth. The sound of the prayers and decrees of the people released a move of God and released the power of God. There was a shaking occurring. I felt that which could be shaken was shaking and only that which was of the Kingdom of God was not shaken. The shaking brought a refining and an awakening and regions were being changed.


In Daniel chapter 9 we see an example of what happens when we hear the word of the Lord and intercede for it to come to pass. Daniel read the word of the Lord to Jeremiah the prophet that there would be seventy years for the completion of the desolations of Jerusalem after which time the city would be rebuilt. As the seventy years had come, Daniel sought the Lord and interceded for Israel and the city of Jerusalem to be restored. We read that the angel Gabriel visits Daniel and tells him the command was issued at the beginning of Daniel’s supplication. God moved on Daniel’s intercession as Daniel took hold of the word of the Lord and interceded for it to come to pass. True intercessors bear a sense of burden and responsibility. Tears in travail of prayer are known to those who have felt the urgency of burden revealed to them by God (Nehemiah 1:4). When God speaks of His intercessors and their persistence in prayer, He says they ‘never keep silent day or night’ and ‘give Him no rest.’ (Isaiah 62:6-7). We are to wear the armour of God as our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers of darkness (Ephesians 6). We must keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and we must go into battle understanding our position of authority as children of God. 1 John 4:4 – Greater is He who is in you than He who is in the world.


We are in a critical time in history and God is uniting His prophets and intercessors in a powerful way to bring His plans to pass, advance His kingdom and bring down strongholds of the enemy. The decree and prayers of His people will usher in a move of God and will bring change and awakening to regions.