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In this time of reset the Lord is asking for a fresh canvas on which to write

In this time of reset, the Lord is giving His people a defined time in which to seek Him and lay down their own agendas and more closely align with Him. A great time of preparation and opportunity is upon the people of God. This time of reset will usher in a ‘new day’ for the church. The Lord does not want us to return to the way things were before but to intentionally and purposefully take up this time of opportunity to receive His blueprint for the new day and the way in which we are to operate and walk. This reset is a time of surrender in order to allow the Lord to reveal what needs be altered and changed moving forward into the new day. There is a caution from the Lord to use this time wisely and to take advantage of this time to seek Him and ask Him how He wants us to move forward following this reset for things are not to be as they were before.


Vision of crossing over into the new day –


In a vision I saw the people of God step over the time of reset into the new day. As they did, those that embraced this time as the Lord intended, stepped over with changed hearts. I saw Jesus gently and lovingly perform surgery on their heart as they surrendered afresh to Him and crossed over. I could see it was the Lord’s desire for each one to move forward from a place of greater alignment with His heart. Those that were embracing this opportunity that was before them in this time of reset were those who were embracing Psalm 51:10. These were the ones in which the Lord was removing heart wounds and disappointment to see healing and restoration come. He was revealing incorrect heart attitudes and agendas, areas of unforgiveness, pride and bitterness that they were surrendering to Him. A refreshing and healing was released to them. This time of reset is an opportunity for us to ask the Lord to reveal that which is not in alignment with His heart and ways. We are to release our hearts as a fresh canvas of surrender to the Lord so He may write His truth on our hearts.


Psalm 51:10 (ESV) – Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.


The other thing I saw as the people of God stepped over this time of reset into the new day, was that each one who embraced this time gave the Lord a fresh canvas on which He wrote His ways, the ‘new’ way for the time ahead. They had laid down their own agendas, plans and ways they had operated in the past and allowed the Lord to show them what was to be altered, erased or rewritten. They laid down ideas they had for the future and sought the Lord for what the ‘new day’ looked like. New ways and strategies were being released to people – new ways for ‘doing church’, new ministry ideas, new ways in which to relate with their family and so many more. These new ways were really a return to foundational ways and truth as well as His original intent for the church. The plans the Lord had spoken were not changing, as the Lord is faithful to fulfil all He promises, but the way in which the plans were to come to pass in the time following the reset, and the way the people were to partner with the plans were different than many expected. The Lord is inviting His church to ask Him for fresh revelation on how to move forward following this time of reset and to not assume we are to operate as we have done before. We are to release a fresh canvas to the Lord and allow Him write His plans and ways.


A fresh canvas –


I heard the Lord say, “Will you give Me a fresh canvas on which to paint My plans? I will not do away with what I have spoken for I am faithful to fulfill all I have spoken, but I will fulfil My plans through strategies you may not have perceived for I am doing things in a new way and a new day is upon My church. If you give Me a fresh canvas I will paint a masterpiece and you will see My plans beautifully come together in the time ahead. This is truly the hour where My people will see My thoughts and ways are higher. Those who submit to giving Me a blank canvas, a position of surrender to Me, knowing My ways are higher, will see My plans unfold for them in the new day in ways far beyond what they imagined.”


Isaiah 55:8-9 (ESV) – For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.


“Things are not to return to the way they were before for I am calling for a new ‘normal’, a new way. This time of reset is a window of opportunity; an opportunity to come into greater alignment with My heart and ways. It’s an opportunity to give Me a fresh canvas on which to paint revelation of the new, for I am bringing a new day and a new way.”


Revival of the heart –


I then heard the Lord say, “Following the reset there will be a revival of the heart. I am looking for those who are sincerely praying Psalm 51:10. I am igniting the hearts of My people. Those who seek and hunger for more will encounter Me in increasing ways in this time. The reset is an opportunity for alignment of the heart as those with pure hearts, who walk to the rhythm of My heart, will be used to ignite the hearts of many following the reset.”


Jeremiah 29:13 (ESV) – You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.


Ask for revelation on the new way & don’t presume –


The Lord went on to say, “ASK of Me and I will show you the new way. Those who ask are those who are seeking My way. They are not presuming the way they were operating and walking before the reset is the way I am leading them in the new day that is dawning. Those who presume their way is My way without asking, still have pride in their hearts that is yet to be surrendered. It is My desire for all to embrace the new way, which is a return to Me, My heart and ways. I am bringing My church full circle, back to foundational truths. No one is above seeking Me; no one is exempt from the need to seek Me in this time of reset for all need specifics on how I am leading them to move forward following the reset. Now is the time to lay down pride and walk in step with My Spirit. Don’t waste the time of reset for it is a defined time. When the time of crossing over into the new day arrives, be found ready; be found as part of the faithful remnant arising. Humility is the key to crossing over well.”


James 4:6 (ESV) – God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.


“It will take boldness to step into the new normal. Many will want to take the easy road and return to the familiar and the ways of old but as the new day dawns those who have received My blueprints of the new will rise up in boldness. These are My faithful ones.”


I felt such a strong urging from the Lord to the body of Christ at this time to use this time of reset to seek Him for revelation on the new day and new way as the time of reset is for a specific time and is a window of opportunity for realignment and recalibration so the people of God are positioned to partner with Him in all He will bring forth following the reset. May we be found ready to partner with the Lord as the new day dawns.