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Hubs of Harvest and Transformation

The Lord showed me hubs of people forming in key places across the world. I heard the Lord say they were ‘Harvest Hubs’. The Lord is forming hubs in strategic areas to pioneer the new move of God and bring in a harvest of souls and regional transformation for what has been sown in the past through intercession, faith, perseverance and obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit. There were a number of things the Lord showed me about these hubs –




I could see that people with the same vision were being positioned and drawn together by the Lord for the purpose of transforming their sphere of influence. People of various gifts and callings were aligning. These hubs were partnering with God in the ‘new’ thing He was doing in the earth. The hubs were pioneering the new move of God. The Lord was redefining the way believers gathered and the focus was outward. These hubs were where groups of people gathered for the purpose of equipping and training people to send them out to impact their world. There was a focus on the sending out for the purpose of transformation.


The Lord showed me that each hub had a number of sub groups. These sub groups were the place for equipping and training the people of God in specific gifts. There was so much activity and unity in these groups. I could see people were coming into the group and were sent out equipped and their gifting was sharpened and honed. They were leaving ready to impact and transform the area of society the Lord had called them to. True discipleship was evident as leaders had such a heart to see others raised up and to see them walk in the fullness of the calling on their lives. Harmony and honour were evident in these groups. People’s gifts and ministries complimented each other and were in harmony as they operated in love instead of competition. People were moving from one sub group to another as they were led by the Spirit.




I could see these hubs were birthed and fueled by prayer and praise. People in these hubs were being given specific and strategic revelation from God and were then praying with authority to call forth God’s will in their region from the specific revelation they had received. They sought council with the Lord to release His word and will with authority. Each hub had a distinct jurisdiction, area or nation the Lord had given them to transform. Their prayer and praise were fueling a shaking in the spirit realm that was shifting the spiritual atmosphere over the region.


Just as the Lord inhabits the praise of His people, so too these hubs were known for the ‘habitation’ of God. The presence of God was weighty in these hubs as the people knew what it meant to walk in fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Their heart desire was to be in continual communion with the Lord. They were people after God’s heart.


Great numbers of angels were assigned to these hubs and there was much angelic activity around them. Angels were released to bring to pass the prayers of the people and the will of God as the people spoke in line with the word of God.




The glory of God was evident in these hubs and light from these hubs was affecting regions and mountains of society. These hubs were shifting the mindsets of people and were breaking down the barriers and structures of the day that had limited God and confined the movement of the Spirit. People were receiving creative and innovative ideas from the Lord and taking them into society to bring transformation to that area. They were receiving divine strategies for kingdom advancement.


Many people were drawn to these hubs to be part of the new thing the Lord was doing as they saw the evidence of the transformation these hubs were having in their community and society. They saw the people were sent out as agents of transformation to impact their region with the love of God and the power of the Spirit. They were operating in their kingdom authority and were moved by the impulses of the Holy Spirit.