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God’s Eye is on Africa & His Spirit is Moving


The Lord recently called our ministry to run a conference as well as open air crusades in Kenya during April in the week of Passover. Before the team left I heard the Lord say, “My eye is on Africa. Many have thought that I have forgotten you but that is not so. I have been preparing you for this time. I am bringing a shaking to the region. This shaking will cause strongholds to fall and my warriors to arise. I am calling My people to take their position in My army. I am raising up people at this time to send out My message with boldness, love and power. As My word goes forth angels are being released on assignment to bring to pass My plans and purposes. Prophetic decrees in line with My word will ignite change in the region. I have heard the prayers of My people. Continue to stand in prayer for your nation and continent. Continue to stand in faith for a move of My Spirit. Change has begun but much more is to come. Now is the time to rise up and take your place. You will impact regions far beyond you as you release My glory. With the shaking I am removing things that are not of Me and revealing the treasure that is left. I am raising up those who are hungry for Me and have submitted all to Me. Those who are humble, pure in heart and obedient to the leading of My Spirit. They will go from being hidden in Me to being highlighted by Me. I am using people of all ages and from all walks of life. They live to bring glory to My name. With the shaking will come a shift. This will be a spiritual shift that will have ripple effects that are far reaching. Strongholds will be demolished and My name will be lifted high. The prayers of the people are ushering in My plans and purposes. Intercession is shaking the heavens and bringing change to the region. I am igniting people with power and sending them out to impact their region. Now is the time to rise up. I have gone before you and will equip you with all you need. I am breaking chains and hindrances that have held you back from the fullness of the plans I have for you. Do not believe the lies of the enemy that you are unqualified. Look only to Me and do not be concerned about the things of this world. I am faithful to fulfill what I have promised. My word will not return void but will accomplish that which I intended. This region will be a beacon of light for the surrounding nations. You will be a light on a hill and your light will shine brightly for Me and many will be impacted by your testimony and your walk as you release My love and My glory.”


In a vision from the Lord which I received before the team left, I saw the rise of a great army in Africa. People of all ages were being added to the army of God. The people were moving to the beat/rhythm of an African tribal drum beat. I knew the people were moving in rhythm to the Spirit and God’s plans for Africa. I saw Jesus leading the army and calling people to rise up and take their position. I noticed the people in the army wore badges and these badges represented their identity in Christ. These people understood their authority and identity in Christ and were walking and moving in this. While in Africa, our ministry team taught on our identity and authority in Christ and they encouraged the body of Christ in Africa to rise up and take their position in God’s army and walk in their authority so they would advance God’s kingdom and bring glory to Him. The ministry team awakened the people to the knowledge that everyone can be part of God’s army and they saw people of all ages, including children, begin to operate in the gifts of the Spirit and minister to others.


In another vision I saw lightning from heaven hit the ground on the border of the nations of Kenya and Uganda. From this point an earthquake was released along the border of these nations. This earthquake then caused great ripples and shaking to occur in surrounding regions. I knew the Lord was showing me that a powerful move of the Spirit would hit the Uganda/Kenya border which was where the team would be ministering. This would cause a shaking in the region which would have wide impact. The earthquake represented a spiritual shift that would occur and surrounding regions and nations would be impacted.​


My husband Aaron also had a word from the Lord before going on the trip and the word was about a coming rain to Kenya that has been experiencing a serious drought in many parts of the country, including the region they were going to minister. Aaron prophesied on the last day of the conference and also that evening at the final crusade that the rain was coming and that it would be a sign that God is pouring out His Spirit on the region that would have far reaching effects over the continent of Africa. The next day, on Sunday night after the completion of their ministry, the rain came and there has been much rain since then to the time of writing this, one week on.


While in Kenya our ministry team were moved as they witnessed the power of God on display with so many miracles and healings. As the people witnessed the reality, love and power of God they responded to the gospel, and we saw many salvations. There have been many mighty intercessors in Kenya and the surrounding nations of Africa who have been praying for a mighty move of the Spirit to sweep their nation. God is raising up His army in Africa and bringing a move of His Spirit. Let’s stand together to continue to intercede for these nations. God’s eye is on Africa and His Spirit is moving there!