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God will meet you at your step of obedience – Take your territory

As I asked the Lord what was on His heart I heard Him say, “Tell My people – I will meet you at your step of obedience. Arise and take the path of promise.”


I was then shown a vision where the Lion of the tribe of Judah was meeting with people individually, walking up to them on a path. I noticed the people were bent over on their knees. I saw the Lion approach each person with such compassion, love, strength and presence. There was so much strength and authority in His walk and so much gentleness and compassion in His eyes. As the Lion of the tribe of Judah approached each person, they looked up into His eyes and in His eyes they were able to see themselves the way He saw them; they were able to see their true identity in Christ. He then said, “Arise” and He gestured for them to go in the direction of steps that were up ahead on the path. As each person stood up in obedience to the Lord’s call and as they focused their eyes on Him, they arose as a warrior wearing golden armour. I saw scales fall from people and these were scales of unbelief, discouragement, doubt and confusion. The enemy had sent an onslaught of discouragement and confusion against the people of God to stop them from arising and stepping into the next level of their destiny and to prevent them from seeing the promise ahead.


Their destiny and spiritual inheritance awaited them but they needed to take upward steps ahead on the path. The Lord was showing them it was time for them to take territory and step into the next stage of their destiny. As they arose and took steps on the path, they were advancing with golden swords held high. I knew they were decreeing the word of God as they advanced on the path. The decrees were cutting through the schemes of the enemy. The Lord was showing them they are warriors in Him and the path of promise awaits them. There was a spiritual inheritance waiting for them to step into but they needed to take steps of obedience. As the people of God moved up the steps, at each step the Lion of the tribe of Judah was right there with them. He was there waiting for them to take the next step. He met them at each step of obedience. With each step up they were given greater spiritual sight of the destiny before them.


I then heard the Lord say, “It is time to move forward into all I have for you. Arise and take your place. I will meet you as you step out in obedience. It is time to take your territory and step into the promise. I have paid the price for you, now walk in all I have prepared. Arise and walk in all you were called to be.”


The vision then changed and instead of seeing individual people arising I saw a picture of multitudes arising. The Lion of the tribe of Judah was leading a multitude of warriors and He was roaring and leading the charge. Territory was being taken for the kingdom of God as the people advanced. As they advanced in their golden armour with golden swords raised, led by the Lord, a path of light was piercing the darkness and the sky above them was changing to a magnificent golden colour. The glory of God was filling the sky. As the warriors advanced, the land behind them where they had been changing from a dry, barren scene to lush, fertile land. Healing of the land was occurring as territory was taken for the kingdom.


We are in a time where the Lord is calling us to arise, step into the promise and take our territory. It is a shifting time where individuals are stepping into the manifestation of the promise and the next stage in their divine destiny. It is also a time where as warriors arise, together they are advancing the kingdom of God across the earth and areas are being impacted by the glory of God. Healing and transformation is seen in the wake of where territory is taken and strongholds of the enemy are brought down. This is a time where the Lord is calling you to have faith and step out on His leading. He will meet you at your step of obedience and show you the way forward. As a child of God you inherit everything that Jesus has as you are an heir of God and co-heir with Jesus. God wants you to know what is available to you from Him. The word of God unveils your spiritual inheritance. The Lord is calling you to claim and walk in your inheritance.


Galatians 4:7 (TPT) – Now we’re no longer living like slaves under the law, but we enjoy being God’s very own sons and daughters! And because we’re his, we can access everything our Father has – for we are one with Jesus the Anointed One!

James 1:22 (TPT) – Don’t just listen to the Word of Truth and not respond to it, for that is the essence of self-deception. So always let his Word become like poetry written and fulfilled by your life!

Romans 8:14 (TPT) – The mature children of God are only those who are moved by the impulses of the Holy Spirit.



Hebrews chapter 11 outlines those of great faith in the bible. This chapter outlines actions they took in faith and obedience to the calling of the Lord. Abraham is one of the people listed in this chapter. Hebrews 11:8 (NASB) – By faith Abraham, when he was called, obeyed by going out to a place which he was to receive for an inheritance; and he went out, not knowing where he was going. The people of Israel inherited the promise of the land of Canaan when God made a covenant with Abraham. However, when the time for fulfilment of their inheritance came, they needed to go to Canaan and take possession of that promise. We must do the same with the promises God gives us. When God told the Israelites to go in and possess their inheritance, the Jordan River was a barrier between them and the land of promise. The Lord told Joshua to instruct the priests who were carrying the Ark of the Covenant to go into the Jordan River first. The Lord said that as soon as the soles of their feet touched the water the Jordan River would stand up in a heap so all the people could pass over on dry ground (Joshua 3:13). Faith and obedience brings God on the scene! God met them at their step of obedience. The Jordan parted as the priests stepped into the water so the rest of the Israelites could cross over on dry ground.


Allow the Lord to show you who you really are in Him. Obediently move out in the power of the Holy Spirit onto the path of promise and the next step in your divine destiny and claim the inheritance and territory that is waiting for you!