This morning in worship and prayer I had a vision of a believer hunched down, bent over, clutching their face to their knees. The atmosphere was dull and lifeless. Above them was a thick, dark shadow that seemed to block out all light and all joy.


I was so overwhelmed by this vision and I wept for the person. I could feel their heartache and suffering. I knew they felt isolated, weary, discouraged and they had lost hope. They had lost focus of their identity in Christ. They had lost hope in seeing the promises of God fulfilled in their lives. They didn’t know how to step into the abundance of all that was on offer in their walk with the Lord. The abundance of all available to them in the kingdom of God.


The vision then changed. The cloud began to part as the sunlight streamed in and engulfed the person. Also behind the person was a lion with such strength, presence and grace. I knew the lion was Jesus, the lion of tribe of Judah. I then noticed I could see the lion through the man and the person then went from crouching to standing. He was standing tall and if I hadn’t known it was the same person I would not have recognized him as his posture showed such strength and confidence/boldness. He looked vibrant and full of life. I then noticed he suddenly had running shoes on and he began to run. The lion and the man were running as one. I could see the lion in the man and the lion was roaring through the man.


I believe the Lord is saying that as we allow the light (God’s love, word and presence) to touch and fill us, the clouds the enemy brings against us like discouragement and lost hope begin to depart from our minds. As we come to understand we have Christ in us, we realise we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (Philippians 4:13). I also believe the Lord is saying that as we understand our position and identity in Christ, yield to Him, rest and trust in Him we are able to run with confidence the course that God has ahead for us as we will be led by the Spirit. As we become a vessel for the Lord, others will see and hear Him through us. We will run and roar with the power and love of the Lord and impact others for the Kingdom of God!