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Fiji – Now is the time to Awaken, Arise & Advance!

The Lord says, ā€œI am calling My people in Fiji to awaken to the hour at hand, to arise and to advance My plans and purposes. The divine destiny of the nation has laid dormant but I am awakening My people to their identity and authority in Me so they may arise and partner with Me to call forth the destiny of the nation. In order to advance and see My promises and plans manifest, there must first be an awakening and an acceptance of My invitation to arise and step out in obedience to the leading of My Spirit.


Fiji is at a tipping point in the spirit and I am calling My people to partner with Me in intercession to see My plans for the nation come to pass. The enemy has held much territory over the land but My warriors are arising. I am teaching them how to wage war in the spirit. They are taking up the sword of the spirit and the shield of faith and they are ready for battle. There is a great call to intercession at this time as it is a significant and critical time for the nation. I am releasing much revelation at this time so My people may come against the plans of the enemy and use the detailed strategy I am giving them to see My will established in the nation.


I am awakening My people to who they are in Me and to the importance of their destiny and the destiny of the nation of Fiji in my end time plans. Fiji is called to be a hub of transformation. It will be a spiritual equipping centre where many are raised up and sent out to transform their region and the surrounding nations. Great revelation and insight will be released to people in this nation. Fiji is small in size but has a large role to play in transforming nations. In order to step into this destiny there must first be transformation of the nation including transformation in My body in Fiji. My refining fire is coming to cleanse and renew My people so they will be able to carry what I will release to them. I am burning away those things that are not of Me including incorrect mindsets, doctrines and ways. I am bringing My people back to the truth of My word. I am calling My people to righteousness and to stand for righteousness. A holy fear of Me is returning to My church. Those who embrace My refining fire will be used powerfully in the season ahead. I am shaking and uprooting those things which are not of Me and I am planting and rebuilding so the nation will be aligned with My ways.


Fiji is one of the nations of the South Lands of My Spirit and it has a spiritual inheritance as one of these lands. I am awakening My people to the inheritance of the nation and Iā€™m calling My people to rise up and call forth the inheritance of the nation. A harvest is coming for what has been sown. The nations in this region are linked in the spirit as they are My South Lands. There will be a domino effect seen as My fire spreads through these lands.


I am calling My body in Fiji to arise in unity to see the nation transformed. I am linking people and ministries at this time who have the same mandate to see the nation transformed. Those who are aligned with My will and My heart and have laid down their own agendas will be used. I am breaking down barriers and ways of man. Those who allow My Spirit to move with freedom will be my agents of transformation. I am raising up those who know their authority in Me and are yielded to Me. Many have been hidden in Me and will arise for such a time as this to bring transformation.


I am calling My body to arise and stand for truth and justice. Now is not the time for complacency but now is the time to rise up and come against those things which are not in line with My word and My ways, using the strategy I release to you through My Spirit.


I am calling My people to advance My plans and purposes in the nation. The enemy has held much territory in the nation but now is the time for My people to take territory for My kingdom. Now is the time to take hold of the promises I have spoken over this nation and to partner with them in intercession. Fiji will be like a spiritual fountain as it will be a spring of living water and a spring of glory which flows out in all directions to impact surrounding nations. A move of My Spirit will come to the nation and transformation will be seen in the wake of this move.


A new hour, a new day and a new season has dawned for Fiji. I have turned the page in the heavenly book of the destiny over the nation. Awaken to the hour, arise and step into your destiny, and partner with Me to advance My plan and My kingdom in Fiji.ā€


Brothers and sisters in Christ in Fiji ā€“ the Lord is calling you to awaken, arise and advance!