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Divine Appointments and Alliances will Activate and Accelerate New Assignments

While spending time with the Lord He showed me that He is igniting existing alliances and connections as well as bringing new alliances to people. These strategic and God given alliances will activate and catapult His people into the new assignments and territory He is leading them into. The Lord is highlighting key relationships and connections at this time as it is a strategic time where He is aligning people to advance His plans and purposes. He is taking alliances to new heights as people come together for a specific purpose. He is aligning those of similar vision and aligning those who will activate and propel each other into the new assignments He has planned for them. These alliances will bring much acceleration as so much more will be accomplished through the alliance than could be accomplished individually. There will be new territory available to people as they embrace the alliances the Lord is bringing to them. I felt the Lord was ‘igniting’ alliances as He is highlighting alliances that He wants to use in this hour. There are some connections that are currently lying dormant but God is going to ignite those alliances that He will use to bring activation into the new assignments He has planned. In other cases He will bring new alliances that come at the perfect time to accelerate His plans and purposes.


The Lord showed me that many people in the Body of Christ are aware of the assignment the Lord has for them or are aware the Lord is leading them into something ‘new’ but they are waiting for this to be triggered or activated. They have been in a season of preparation for what is coming. They have been faithfully stewarding what the Lord has given them and have been waiting on the Lord and His timing to bring about the promises He has given them. The Lord is bringing divine opportunities, appointments and alliances at the perfect time that will activate the new assignment and season many are waiting to step into. The door to the new that the Lord has planned is coming through others in some cases and much acceleration will be seen. Divine opportunities will present themselves at strategic times and it will be important to step out in obedience to the prompting of the Holy Spirit at these times.


The Lord is positioning His people to execute His plans and advance His kingdom. It is important to be open at this time as the divine appointments and alliances may come from unexpected places. It will be important to be open to the leading of the Spirit and not restrict where we are led to go or who we are to align with. The Lord will orchestrate these appointments and alliances and there won’t be a need to strive for them or force them but it will be important to take hold of them when they are highlighted by Him.


The Lord showed me a vision of people connecting in these divine alliances. As they connected a new sound was created. The sound from each person blended together in the alliance to form a powerful new sound which was so much richer in sound. The new sound was a blend of the gifts of each person. The new sound carried the people and the alliance forward at a fast speed and they were carried higher and into new areas.


I also had a vision of keys suddenly dropping before people. The keys were positioned in front of people as they were walking on a road, hanging down from heaven on strings. The Lord was showing me these keys would unlock new assignments and unlock the new season. It was necessary for the people to reach out and take hold of the key presented before them. I noticed how thin the string was that held the keys and I thought how easy it would be to take hold of the key. I felt the keys were these divine opportunities and alliances. The Lord is going to highlight these to people but it will be necessary to take hold of the opportunities in faith. These divine appointments and alliances will come as you continue to walk the road of faith, continuing to trust in God and His perfect timing. They won’t be difficult to access or take hold of but it will be necessary to step out in obedience and take hold of the opportunities.


The Bible gives numerous examples of people who established alliances. Paul and Barnabas as well as Paul and Timothy are examples of alliances in the New Testament. In the Old Testament examples of alliances that advanced God’s causes include Moses and Aaron as well as David and Johnathan. 1 Samuel chapter 20 provides a vivid portrayal of the commitment that existed between David and Jonathan. They entered into a divine alliance that provided safety and strength. Their alliance resulted in David’s survival and Israel’s welfare. Psalm 133 (NASB) – Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity! It is like the precious oil upon the head, coming down upon the beard, even Aaron’s beard, coming down upon the edge of his robes. It is like the dew of Hermon coming down upon the mountains of Zion; for there the Lord commanded the blessing—life forever.


The Bible also gives many examples of divine appointments. In Acts chapter 8 we read that an angel of the Lord told Philip to leave the great meetings he was having in Samaria and go to the desert. Philip obeyed and there the Holy Spirit told Philip to go up and join the chariot which held an Ethiopian eunuch. There God made an appointment for him to talk to the eunuch and Philip led him to Christ and baptized him.


Take hold of the divine appointments and alliances the Lord is bringing as these will activate and accelerate you into the new assignments the Lord has for you. The Lord is going to use alliances to enlarge your area of impact and influence. This is a time of great significance as the Lord propels you into your destiny.