In worship I had a vision of a bridge that stretched across a vast, beautiful river of water. The bridge looked to be so strong in structure. On the bridge was the word ‘ALIGNMENT’ in huge, bold letters. The bridge started on land where a vast group of people were standing, stretched across the water and then landed on another area of land which was labelled ‘DESTINY’. I noticed each person in the group had the word ‘KINGDOM’ written on their hearts.


The vision was in two parts. Firstly, I saw the ‘alignment’ bridge stretching from the nation of Australia across the water and finishing on the land of ‘destiny’. The Lord was showing me that the multitudes of people standing on the land of Australia were standing in unity and partnering with the Lord to see His Kingdom come on earth and aligning with His Kingdom principles. I saw the multitudes of people walk up onto, and stand, on the alignment bridge. This was causing Australia to align with its God given destiny. The people had a deep desire for the things of the Kingdom of God and the Lord had written His plans and purposes on their hearts and minds. I also saw fireworks going off from the bridge and I saw angels being released to fulfill the Kingdom assignments they had been given. Some of these assignments were in response to the prophetic decrees the people of God made, in line with the Word of God. The Spirit of God showed me the fireworks represented the ‘sparks’ of a move of the Spirit that would travel across the nation of Australia and beyond to other nations.


Secondly, I again saw the ‘alignment’ bridge starting on land, stretching across the river and finishing on the land of ‘destiny’ but this time the bridge was for individuals. The bridge stood before each person. The Lord showed me each person who had ‘Kingdom’ written on their hearts was standing on their own alignment bridge to their own God given destiny. As the Lord was altering their mindsets and hearts to align with His ways, the people were walking in alignment of their destiny.


Kingdom of God –


The Kingdom of God was a central theme of Jesus’ teaching. In Mark 1:15 Jesus says, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.” God’s Kingdom power and authority was in Jesus and demonstrated in His every word and deed. Jesus’ entire life and ministry was the expression of God’s mighty rule that had broken into history to deliver us from the curse of sin and death. The parables Jesus spoke often told of the Kingdom of God; He explained what we must do to enter the Kingdom and what conditions will be like in the Kingdom. In Luke 9:2 we read that Jesus sent his disciples out to preach the Kingdom of God and to heal the sick.


In Luke 17:21 Jesus says, “The kingdom of God is within you.” Jesus showed the people what Kingdom life on the earth was, as seen by the miracles that He performed and the authority He carried. Jesus mentions the miracles as proof of the Kingdom in Luke 11:20 – “If I drive out demons by the power of God, then the kingdom of God has arrived among you.” We can bring the Kingdom realm to earth when we understand, and walk in, our Kingdom position and authority. We are to live out God’s kingdom principles in our lives. We are to impact others with Kingdom realities. In Matthew 6:33 we read that we are to ‘constantly chase after the realm of God’s kingdom and the righteousness that proceeds from him.’ The Kingdom of God is also the Kingdom that God’s faithful people will enter at Christ’s return and that will be established here on earth; the final establishment of God’s rule in the world.


Alignment & Destiny –


I believe the Lord is saying that as His people align with His Kingdom purposes they are aligning with their destiny. He wants us to have a deep desire for the things of the Kingdom and to stand in unity to see His Kingdom come on earth. As God’s Kingdom realm manifests on earth, His purposes are fulfilled on the earth. Angels will be released to see Kingdom assignments for individuals and for nations come to pass. For Australia, as we as children of God stand together in alignment with His plans and purposes we will see our destiny as a nation come to pass and a move of the Spirit will be ushered in.