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Australia this is your ‘Kairos Moment’

This week in worship I heard the Lord say, “This is your Kairos moment. This is My appointed time. This is a critical time for this nation.” The Lord is inviting His people to intercede for the nation of Australia and to partner with Him to see a move of the Spirit sweep the nation.


The Lord then gave me a vision of intercessors being ignited and awakened to stand in the gap and intercede for the nation of Australia. The Lord Himself was calling them out and placing a burden for the nation in their hearts. As the people of the nation began to pray and intercede they were fitted with golden armour which I knew represented the glory of God. They displayed the glory and power of God. These people were warriors in the army of God who were taking up their position to take down strongholds over the nation and to advance the kingdom of God by ushering in a move of His Spirit in this nation. I saw rows and rows of these warriors take their position. I then saw the warriors link arms with each other and I knew they were standing in unity – with the same vision and mandate before them. Jesus then appeared before their ranks as the lion of the tribe of Judah. He was leading the army and the army had steadfast focus on Him. As the army marched forward and advanced, the ground began to rumble and shake. Vibrations from the shaking were sweeping over the land.


The vision then changed focus and the Lord showed me that the intercessory prayers of the people as well as their heartfelt praise were hitting the heavens and a sound was released across the nation. It was the sound of the Holy Spirit. I then saw fire from heaven falling on the nation. The Lord showed me a map of the nation and the fire of God was falling on the land.


A ‘Kairos moment’ is God’s appointed time to act. It is an opportune time or a time of opportunity. It refers to a favourable time when an opportunity opens to take advantage of and act upon. As today, January 26th, is Australia Day – let us take up this invitation from the Lord to intercede for our nation to usher in a move of the Spirit. Let us decree our land as the ‘Great South Land of the Holy Spirit.’


From a historical viewpoint Terra Australis (the South Land) was the name given by people in the 15th-18th centuries to describe the unexplored southern continent and its name appeared on maps at this time. In 1606 the Portugese navigator Pedro Fernandez De Quiros, exploring the region of the South Pacific with the intention of finding Terra Australis, the large continent in the southern hemisphere, sighted land and declared Terra Australis would be ‘La Austrialia del Espiritu Santo’ – a south land dedicated to the Holy Spirit. Although he actually didn’t land on what is now Australia, but instead landed on what is now Vanuatu, he thought he had landed on the large land mass in the southern hemisphere yet to be discovered. He declared the whole southern land mass region to be the ‘Great South Land of the Holy Spirit’. As Australia is the largest island of the south pacific islands, in the 1800s the British explorer Matthew Flinders popularized the naming of Australia after the name Terra Australis.


The Lord has been speaking to me a lot lately about intercession and the fact He is calling people to a deeper level of intercession and He is raising up many more intercessors at this critical time in history. The prayers of the people of God will shake the heavens and cause a shaking on the earth. The prayers will thwart the schemes of the enemy that attempt to come against the plans of God. The people of God will pray with a new level of intensity and authority in the spirit. Angels will be released on assignment to bring their prayers to pass and many will co-labour with the angels in a greater way. The prayers and praise of the people of God will be crucial in partnering with God and ushering in His plans.


Warriors in the army of God are arising and taking their position in this nation. These people understand their authority and display the glory and power of God. They live to follow their leader, Jesus, and they go into battle on His direction. They are united in the same mandate from heaven to partner with God to see a move of the Spirit in this nation and to see the fire of God fall. They will take down strongholds of the enemy over this nation. We are to wear the armour of God as our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers of darkness (Ephesians 6). We must keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and we must go into battle understanding our position of authority as children of God.


This is a critical year for this nation. At this Kairos ‘opportune’ time will you take action and partner with God in His plans for this nation come to pass?