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Australia – Spiritual wells will be released across the nation


Isaiah 43:19 (AMP) – Behold, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs forth; do you not perceive and know it and will you not give heed to it? I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.


I have been in intercession for the nation of Australia for quite some time and I believe it is a significant time for this nation. The Lord has had me complete a number of prophetic intercession assignments around the nation and I know many others have also been on such assignments over the years. The most recent assignment in April this year was to unlock the springs of living water in the nation. The Lord had me fly to South Australia for this assignment as this is the location of some of the great artesian basin springs. This basin in Australia is the largest artesian well in the world and I believe it is a prophetic picture of the well of living water that will be released in this nation. The Lord had me decree and declare a number of things over the nation including decreeing Australia’s title in the spirit as one of the South Lands of the Holy Spirit. On the flight to where this assignment was undertaken I had an encounter with an angel who gave me a scroll which I knew contained God’s plan for the nation. On the assignment I called forth the destiny and inheritance over the nation. The Lord also had me repent for the injustices in the land particularly past injustices against indigenous people. As led by the Spirit I declared an unveiling of the schemes of the enemy, an unveiling of those who would stand for righteousness and justice, an unveiling of God’s hidden ones as well as an awakening in the body of Christ to their authority in Christ and the spiritual time for this nation. I declared unity of the body of Christ under a common mandate to see Jesus lifted high in this nation. I was also given specific spirits and principalities to take authority over and strongholds to be brought down.


This week when I was intercession for the nation of Australia, I was shown a page out of the book of Australia by the angel of Australia. I then heard the Lord say, “Australia, waters of the deep will be released from spiritual wells in strategic locations across the nation. Springs of living water will be seen across the nation. Books over key cities and towns across this nation are being opened at this time. My intercessors are unlocking these regions in the spirit and are calling forth My plan. They are binding principalities over regions and bringing down strongholds. Darkness over regions is being pushed back as My carriers of light operate in the authority I have given them and take territory for My kingdom. They are preparing the way for springs of living water to burst forth; for spiritual wells to open. This water will bring a cleansing, reviving and restoration to the region. Many will come to drink from the spiritual wells in these regions.


My people are awakening to the season and hour at hand. Just as Daniel discerned the timing for the fulfillment of My prophesy, so too people in this nation have discerned the hour and are standing for the nation and are calling forth My plan and the divine destiny of this nation.


Just as I am raising up the ‘no names’, My people who are hidden in Me, so too, in many cases, I am raising up the ‘no name’ regions and towns in this nation. Spiritual wells will break forth in those areas where much intercession has prepared the ground and a spiritual inheritance has been stored up. As these spiritual wells are unlocked and the water bursts forth, these regions are the ones that will be hubs of harvest and transformation. My people will use the revelation they are given to call forth My will in the region. My glory will be poured out and many will be drawn to these hubs as evidence of transformation in the region is seen.


These wells will be seen in areas where My people have embraced the refining fire and have positioned and prepared themselves for the new thing I am releasing. They have not confirmed to the ways of man but have been obedient to the leading of My Spirit. They have eyes to see the new way I am moving and they have aligned their heart and will with Mine, laying down their own agendas and taking up their kingdom mandate. They know their authority in Me and they shift the spiritual atmosphere over their region and cause a shaking and removal of those things which are not of Me. They have fortified their region against the enemy and they have taken territory for My kingdom. Their decrees and declarations, in line with My word, have sent angels on assignment to bring the word to pass. A new heavenly sound will be released through them as they are vessels through which I will release the new, and vessels through which I will move powerfully. The sound is one of awakening, authority, love and purity. They will partner with Me to unlock the spiritual wells and see My plan for their region manifest.


I am calling My people in this nation to a place of deep surrender and consecration. I am calling the nation to repentance and a holy fear of Me is returning. I am raising up those who are humble and pure in heart. I am awakening My people to the spiritual hour in this nation and calling them to intercede for the destiny of this nation that I have released through My prophets. Intercessors entrusted with seeing the books of heaven over towns, states and the nation are unlocking the spiritual destiny in these regions and calling forth My will to be established in the land.”


God is uniting His prophets and intercessors in a powerful way to bring His plans to pass. In Daniel chapter 9 we see an example of what happens when we hear the word of the Lord and intercede for it to come to pass. Daniel read the word of the Lord from Jeremiah the prophet that there would be seventy years for the completion of the desolations of Jerusalem after which time the city would be rebuilt. As the seventy years had come, Daniel sought the Lord and interceded for Israel and the city of Jerusalem to be restored. God moved on Daniel’s intercession as Daniel took hold of the word of the Lord and interceded for it to come to pass. The Lord is calling His people in Australia to do the same and call forth the destiny and inheritance of this nation for now is the time.


My brothers and sisters in Christ in Australia – wells of living water will open and hubs of harvest and transformation will rise up in these spiritually strategic locations in our nation. May we continue to stand for our nation and call forth its spiritual destiny and inheritance.