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A word for Papua New Guinea


Word of the Lord for PNG –


I heard the Lord say – “My remnant are arising in PNG. These are the ones who move to the beat of a different drum. They move on the leading of My Spirit. They have eyes to see the new thing I am doing and faith to partner with Me in seeing My plan for this nation unfold. They have been positioned and prepared for this time. They have been hidden in Me but now I am highlighting them and they will carry My message and My fire to bring transformation. I am raising up those who will stand for righteousness. I am raising up those who are pure in heart. Those who are yielded to Me will be used to powerfully advance My kingdom in this nation. As My remnant arise and walk in their inheritance the destiny of the nation will unfold.


I am shaking the nation and removing those things which are not of Me. A great shaking has begun. I’m shaking the core of the nation so it can be rebuilt on a foundation of truth. I am rebuilding the nation on a foundation of the truth of My word. Just as a shaking was seen in the natural in the heart of the nation so too I will shake the heart of the nation in the spirit to unveil the schemes of the enemy and to unveil truth and to allow My will to be established. This is a time of unveiling for this nation. I am unveiling areas that need to be brought into alignment. I am unveiling the hidden ones in Me and I am unveiling the inheritance and destiny of the nation.


My new breed of warriors are arising in PNG. They have great authority to partner with Me to see their nation transformed by the power of My Spirit. Their swift obedience, great faith and past battles have prepared them for what I am now calling them to walk in. I am releasing an upgrade of authority to them at this time as they have stewarded well what they have been entrusted with. Mighty spiritual warriors will be released from this nation to impact the surrounding nations. They know their authority in Me and what they carry. They move in step with My Spirit, not going before My timing or delaying, but moving in swift obedience to My leading.


I am opening the book over PNG as I have heard the intercession of My people and now is the hour for this nation to be unlocked and for the destiny and inheritance of the nation to be called in. Many have written off this nation as one that can’t be used by Me due to the corruption and stronghold of the enemy over this nation but don’t believe the lies and deception of the enemy. PNG is part of the South Lands of My Spirit and now is the time for this nation. I am stirring the waters of the South Pacific and a whirlwind is building around these nations. Strongholds of the enemy are being brought down and I am breathing life on the divine destiny of this nation. I am lighting the seeds of intercession that have been sown and a harvest is coming.


Much darkness can be seen in the land but My warriors of light will take much territory for My kingdom and will advance My plan in the nation. Transformation will be seen in the wake of their steps of faith and obedience. A new sound will be released from the nation. It is the battle cry for the nation and it will be a sound of authority, awakening and victory as My warriors advance My kingdom and take territory.


I am calling My people higher. I am releasing greater revelation in this hour. I am calling My people to stand together under the same mandate to see the nation transformed. As My people in the highlands, coastal regions and cities unite, it will be like a threefold cord that cannot be broken. Great power will be seen in their united stand to partner with Me and establish My will in the nation.”


Visions received for PNG –

The Lord also showed me a number of visions with regard to the nation of PNG.


I had an encounter where I was shown the foundation of the nation. I saw a cavern of golden treasures but I knew they were not Godly. I then saw the treasures melt and go. I saw the Lord then bring large solid rocks into the base of the cavern. The cavern was now built on solid rock and living water flowed into the cavern from all sides. The Lord was showing me that the foundation of the nation changed from one of man’s treasure to one of solid rock and living water. The Lord is going to remove those things which are not of Him and rebuild the foundation of the nation on the truth of His word. The nation will become a well of living water.


I had a vision of the flag of PNG thrust into the centre of the mainland of PNG and a huge earthquake was released in all directions. Shaking was released across the nation and cracks formed in the ground. I then saw the blood of Jesus wash over the land and heal the land. Following this a thick, golden substance which I knew was the glory of God flowed over the land. This vision was confirmed in the next vision the Lord showed me of the PNG flag. I saw the Southern Cross stand out on the flag and I knew the Lord was showing me that PNG is one of the South Lands of the Holy Spirit and is linked to the other nations in the region. I saw the flag broken into layers. The flag started as black in colour and then a layer of red washed over it and then a golden layer came down over the flag. The Lord was showing me that the blood of Jesus will wash over the darkness and then a blanket of God’s glory will be released over the nation. I then saw the words ‘Papua New Guinea’ in the spirit change to ‘Powerful Nation for God’ and I knew the Lord was renaming the nation in the spirit and the nation will be known as a powerful nation for God.


The Lord then showed me a vision of fires breaking out in intercession groups across the nation. The fires started off as small fires in these groups but then spread and I saw the whole nation ablaze. The Lord was showing me that He is going to light the seeds of intercession that have been sown in the nation of PNG.


I then had a vision of warriors of light arising all over the nation of PNG. They were originally crouched down and hidden but they began to stand up tall and they had many spiritual weapons. They began to advance and take much territory for the kingdom. I saw large totem poles over the nation, representing strongholds over the nation, coming down.


I was also shown the region of the South Lands of the Holy Spirit broken into different puzzle pieces, a different piece for each nation but they all linked together to form the South Lands as they have the same spiritual inheritance. I saw the nation of PNG was originally a dark piece but the colour of the puzzle piece changed to light. As this occurred, something shifted in the spirit and was unlocked over the other nations of the South Lands. I believe the Lord was showing me that as a spiritual shift occurs over PNG, this will impact the other nations in the region.


Body of Christ in PNG – the Lord has heard your intercession. Now is the hour for you to unite, arise and call in the destiny and inheritance of your nation!