The Lord called my husband and I to take our ministry to India for three weeks last month. Our purpose was to spark revival, to urge them to pray and partner with the Lord in ushering in revival and to awaken the church to their true identity and authority in Christ. On the flight to India the Lord gave me a vision of what is coming to the nation.


I heard the Spirit of God say, “A new day is dawning over India.” In the vision the Lord gave me I was looking at the nation of India. I saw the sun beginning to rise over the nation and I knew this represented the glory of the Lord rising on India. As the sun rays hit the land, the land was coming to life; it was awakening. Just as the sun rises in the east and sweeps across the nation, this was also what the Lord was saying would occur when revival broke out in the nation. The move of the Spirit coming to bring revival and awaken the church would begin in the east and would sweep across the nation to the west.


I noticed in the vision that the land was glistening with light as the sun rays moved across the land. The light was electrifying the land and causing power to be seen. The Lord showed me that warriors of light were arising in India. These were ones that the Lord was raising up to be used by Him in this mighty move of His Spirit. They understood their identity and position in Christ and they operated in power. They were branded by the suns’ rays and I realised the Lord was showing me they were totally surrendered to Him and lived to advance His Kingdom and bring glory to His name. I also saw light ‘pockets’ over the land. These were hotspots for the revival and would be areas were revival would breakout.


I heard the sound of marching and the sound was intensifying. This sound was the sound of the army of God arising and marching to the purposes of God, with their eyes fixed on Jesus. Their marching feet hitting the ground was causing a shaking to break out across the land. The shaking was breaking down strongholds and breaking off things holding the people back. More and more people were being added to the army daily and they included people of all ages and backgrounds.


I then saw the warriors on their knees in prayer. Their armour was linked together. These warriors realised their battle was not against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces of darkness in the heavenly places. The Lord was showing me that it would be through united prayer that strongholds in the nation would be brought down. It would be through united prayer that the church would partner with God in seeing revival ushered in.


Lastly the Lord showed me that the path where the sun rays had swept across the land was clearly seen and left a lasting impact on the land. The Lord was showing me that when a move of the Spirit comes to India, the path of revival will be clearly seen as the changes and impact the revival makes on the nation will be deeply impacting and long lasting.


The Lord is encouraging the body of Christ in India to continue to pray and intercede for their nation. He is encouraging them to prepare for revival and to partner with Him in seeing His plan for a mighty move of the Spirit come to pass in India. Our ministry is a very small part of God’s plan to awaken the church and to bring revival to this nation. In our short time there recently we saw God move in a mighty way with hundreds of people coming to Christ and hundreds of people healed and delivered and set free. The Lord has sent, and continues to send, many ministries to India and is raising up many more within the nation of India to bring about His plan. The harvest is ripe in India and a new day is dawning over the nation as light comes to displace the darkness.